1.0 Rayven Overview

      1.0 Rayven Overview

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        An Overview of Rayven

        Rayven is a flexible, easy-to-use real-time data, AI and IoT platform that enables you to create solutions with meaningful business outcomes to drive true transformation.

        To help you make the most of our end-to-end platform and pre-built solutions, we also offer services to assist your design, deployment, utilization, and understanding of solutions and data, guaranteeing project and future success.

        An all-in-one real-time data, AI + IoT platform 

        The Rayven platform is easy-to-use, codeless, and packed full of functionality, ensuring everything you need is available in one place.

        Out-of-the-box device management, security, and automation make managing and maintaining your solution effortless. Dashboards and control features provide everything you need to monitor your project outputs. Data and integration tools and the Machine Learning workbench enable straightforward deployment to and from other systems for improving and transforming operations.

        Core capabilities

        • Use the Flow Builder to drag and drop nodes to create customized business logic for your specific solution requirements. 
        • Use one of the 12 in-built out-of-the-box protocols to ingest device and system data and consolidate and transform data with our wide range of functions. You can convert data from industrial protocols to human-readable forms, perform complex calculations, and combine and manipulate data using inbuilt conditional logic. 
        • Configure customized real-time dashboards and visual interfaces to display raw and processed data, actionable insights, and other analytics. 
        • Create user interfaces for human-input data using text fields, drop-downs, and other interactive widgets in your process or workflow. 
        • Create custom rules for event monitoring, get notified via SMS and email notifications, or trigger an API push to any third-party system. 
        • Push data to a third-party system or back to a device or control system for fully automated device and machine control
        • Monitor, manage, and maintain devices using real-time dashboards. Deploy configuration and firmware updates to groups of devices. 
        • Group devices based on any logical construct by assigning a range of dynamic attributes to each device. For example, location, customer, or project. Display data for a single device or an entire fleet. 
        • Train, test, and deploy machine learning models and predictive analytics using our built-in algorithms. Detect anomalies and predict values and failures.
        • Use White Labelling to customize dashboards with your brand or those of your clients. 


        Utilize any data, integrate anything

        Gain a single source of truth by using our extensive range of ready-to-go connectors to funnel all of your data into the platform. We integrate with any data source, sensor, or hardware, ensuring your solution can access everything your business needs now or might need in the future.

        Featuring no-code Machine Learning

        Create, train and deploy Machine Learning models into your IoT monitoring and management solution using our AI Dynamix feature. This modeler and engine comes standard with the platform and is easily programmable using drag and drop logic. It enables anyone to detect anomalies, predict failure, and forecast output. 


        Fully customized drag-and-drop dashboards 

        Create endless dashboards from our selection of over fifty visualization widgets. Drag, drop, and resize them to suit your preferences. You can further customize and brand your dashboards using white labelling.

        Let's get started with a 5-minute introduction to the platform:

        In this video, you will:

        • Get an overview of the Rayven platform,
        • Learn how to navigate Rayven Manager,
        • Discover how to change basic settings,
        • Gain a basic understanding of widgets, device labels, and the AI Dynamix machine learning engine,
        • Discover the fundamentals of solution building.