List of Version Updates

List of Version Updates

Version update 09.05.2022

  • Icons - a new library of icons for industrial use cases has been uploaded. Icons can be added to dashboard tabs and the following widgets: alert, monitor, link to, value, and multi-value.
  • Table widget designs - For Tabular Data and Raw Data Table nodes, background color can be added for each cell in a specific column. Custom rules can be created so that the background color only appears in certain conditions. Refer to the Conditional Formatting menu in the table nodes.

Version update 13.04.2022

  • Sharing private dashboards - Any dashboard user can generate and share a link for any dashboard. Login is still required. Click here for more information.

Version update 06.04.2022

  • Sharing public dashboards - Viewer dashboard users can generate and share a link for any dashboard. No login is required. Click here for more information.
  • Image overlay widget - a new widget that allows users to display data from payload over an image uploaded through the workflow. This widget is useful for associating data with a specific part of an image, for example, sensors installed at various points on a floor plan. Click here for more information.

Version update 23.03.2022

  • Rayven Dashboard Refresh:
    • An updated look and feel for all widgets and dashboards.
    • Admin users can quickly edit widgets directly from the dashboard.
    • New customization capabilities through the introduction of widget icons.
    • Enhanced UI for customizing date ranges to filter your data.
    • An enhanced user experience for mobile devices.

Version update 10.02.2022

  • Rayven Workspace (device label solutions):
    • Creating and editing device labels can be done via the Device Management menu. This update is in addition to accessing device labels in the Tables menu.
    • From Device Management, click Add new device label or select the Device Labels tab to see all labels in your solution.
  • JavaScript node - 2 additional code snippets added:
    • Convert Base64 to Hex,
    • Epoch Time in ms Format.

Version update 08.12.2021

  • Rayven Workspace (device label solutions)
    • New function in the formula node - GetCustomTableData. This function will retrieve multiple values from a custom table and set them in multiple fields in the payload in one formula node without additional calculations.

Version update 24.11.2021

  • Rayven Workspace (device label solutions):
    • New function in formula node - DATA.PREVPAYLOADDATATOARRAY. This function returns an array of consecutive values for a given field name. It will return the latest value followed by the previous values received. The field name and the array length are configured in the formula.

Version update 17.11.2021

  • Rayven Workspace and Rayven Live (device label solutions):
    • Image node - added 'dashboard to link to' functionality. Click an image to open a linked drill-down dashboard.
    • Pareto chart - 2 new time intervals added:
      • Weeks (starting on Sunday),
      • Weeks (starting on Monday).
  • Rayven Workspace (device label solutions):
    • Grouping widgets by a device label - the new dropdown menu allows you to type, search, and select the required label name.
    • Configuring a function in a visualization node - the default function is now 'Last value received'.
    • MQTT security update - a username is now required in MQTT input and output nodes. You can enter any username, but it must match the username on the device end. 

Version update 10.11.2021

  • Dashboards (device label solutions):
    • Raw Data Table - added the option to set decimal place precision. Configure this number in the workflow node.
    • Custom Table - new 'Add Record' button for creating a new table record.
    • Pareto and Pie chart - widget titles have been updated for consistent time frames (This Minute, Today, This Month, This Year).
  • Rayven Workspace (device label solutions):
    • Workflow builder page - horizontal scroll bar added for quick navigation.
    • Editing dashboards - new text added to show how many visualizations are selected. Also applies when selecting dashboards for a user group.
    • Checkboxes - several buttons have been updated to checkboxes (where multiple selections are allowed).
    • Actioning pop-ups using Enter key - pressing the Enter key will have the same action as clicking the Save/OK/Copy button.
    • 'Edit' icons for workflows, devices, dashboards, user groups, dashboard users, emulators, tables, and reports updated for consistency.
    • Clicking 'Learn more' will now link to the relevant section in the Rayven help document.
    • Device Emulators - the menu will display device names instead of device IDs.
    • Service Usage - new chart added: 'Total Transactions (reads and writes) per Hour'.

Version update 03.11.2021

  • Refreshed terminology for tags and master tags:
    • Tag Names → Device Labels - this reflects the action of creating a label for a list of devices, e.g., Country.
    • Tag Values → Device Label Values - this reflects the action of creating values under each Device Label, e.g., Australia.
    • Master Tags → Device Filters - determines which devices present data onto each dashboard for each user, hence the name Device Filters.

Version update 28.10.2021

  • Dashboards (tags) - Improved loading time for tabular data widgets configured with 'show tags'.
  • Rayven Workspace (tags) - Activation button for input nodes:
    • All input nodes now display a green/red icon to confirm if the node is in an activated/deactivated state. This icon appears after changing the activation status and then saving the node.
    • All input nodes are now activated at the node level instead of the workflow level (this change has been automatically transferred across for existing input nodes in the tags project).
  • Rayven Workspace (tags) - Rule Builder node: added new operator 'Exists'.
  • Rayven Workspace (tags) - Reports:
    • Report Time Frame - option to include longer time frames, such as 1440 minutes to retrieve exactly 24 hours of historical data.

Version update 08.10.2021

  • Dashboards (tags) - Multi-axes charts and Raw Data Tables: 
    • The File Display menu has been further updated. Enter the FTP directory from which files will be ingested. The node will then check the file extension (mp3, mp4, jpg, png, gif, CSV, pdf, txt) and automatically display the appropriate icon on the multi-axes chart or raw data table.
  • Dashboards (tags) - Historical dashboards: 
    • New time ranges are available. Note that the period selected must be larger than the interval on each chart. For example, if the charts have a 5-minute x-axis interval, the period selected must be the 'Last 10 minutes' or more.
  • Dashboard Management (tags) - ability added to create and edit dashboards directly from the front end. Note that this functionality is only available for dashboard users with a SuperAdmin access level. To access it, click your user name on the top-right of the screen and select Dashboard Management.
  • Rayven Workspace (tags) - Email node:
    • Includes a new checkbox called 'For Email Report'. After this is selected, when data arrives at the email node, it will trigger an email report to be sent. Function nodes can be placed before the email node to configure custom logic as needed.
  • Rayven Workspace (tags) - Reports:
    • Report Scheduling - select the appropriate email node from the dropdown menu. An email report will be sent when data arrives at the node.
    • Report Time Frame - new option to include historical data in minutes or hours.
    • Report Content - new option to attach the content as a PDF file. When selected, widgets added to the report will be included in a PDF attachment instead of appearing in the email body. Note that a name for the PDF attachment must be included.

Version update 29.09.2021

  • Dashboards (tags) - Map:
    • Option to display map icons clustered together or display all map icons individually.
  • Dashboards (tags) - Custom Tables: 
    • Maximum column width is now set to 250 px. 
    • Full text can be viewed via mouse tooltip.
  • Dashboards (tags):
    • Functionality added to create a calculation that references another column in the same table. To do this, select Reference as the data type when adding a new column.
  • Rayven Workspace (tags) - Map node:
    • Option to turn map icon clustering on or off (Configured in the General tab in the node). 
  • Rayven Workspace (tags) - Trigger node:
    •  Ability to send the device ID forward in the workflow. Enter {"device_id":"<<_deviceid_>>"} in the trigger node output value field.
  • Rayven Workspace (tags) - Pull Data node:
    • Perform a GET request with parameters in the JSON body.
  • Rayven Workspace (tags) - JavaScript node:
    • Now integrated with Monaco editor which enables IntelliSense and syntax colorization.
    • JS node now opens with boilerplate template.
    • A range of JS code snippets can be selected from a dropdown menu to get you started.
    • Options for error handling now available (similar to formula node).

Version update 13.09.2021

  • Dashboards (tags): 
    • Download an audio file from a multi-axes chart or raw data table. Files are taken from an FTP directory and appear as a clickable audio icon on the widgets.
    •  Charts widget history. Option to view data for the last 1 minute and last 5 minutes.
  • Rayven Workspace (tags) - FTP Node: 
    • Added support for UTF-7 encoded files.
  • Rayven Workspace (tags):
    • All new solutions use the tags functionality by default.
    • Nodes in the workflow builder page are listed in alphabetical order.

Version update 11.08.2021

  • Dashboards (tags) - Polar Chart:
    • Display the magnitude and direction of vector data over a period of time. 
    • Also available for use in historical dashboards. 
  • Dashboards (tags) - Category Bar Chart:
    • Display a bar chart with fixed categories along the x-axis. 
    • Also available for use in historical dashboards. 
  • Dashboards (tags) - Charts widget history:
    • Option to view data in the last 10 mins, last 30 mins, or last 1 hour. 
    • New custom date range picker that allows a start and end time to be configured
  • Rayven Workspace - Workspace access roles: 
    • New permission levels are available for back-end users.
  • Rayven Workspace - Solution Roles: 
    • Provide a back-end user with access to only specific elements. 
  • Rayven Workspace (tags) - Sharing workflows: 
    • Share a workflow so it is available for use in another solution in the same account.
  • Rayven Workspace (tags): 
    • View node-level workflow statistics (reads, writes, and compute times) and dashboard statistics (reads).
    • EPOCH milliseconds support. Input nodes now support milliseconds when using EPOCH format.
  • Rayven Workspace (tags) - Rule Builder Node: 
    • Create multi-step rules using a codeless interface.
  • Rayven Workspace (tags) - Formula node:
    • A list of available formulas is available in a dropdown menu that also includes a description of each formula and the required formula syntax.

Version update 06.07.2021

  • Rayven Workspace (tags): 
    • Export device list button added.
  • IOTX: 
    • Aggregation node based on a tag.
    • Configure the addresser email in email nodes.

Version update 08.06.2021

  • Dashboards (tags): 
    • Configure the number of decimal places in charts.

Version update 26.05.2021

  • Rayven Workspace (tags): 
    • Changes to custom tables are logged in Table History.

Version update 28.04.2021

  • Dashboards (tags):
    • Columns in Raw Data table and Tabular Data can be sorted from A to Z or Z to A. The sorting setting is saved.
  • Dashboards (tags) - Multi-axes chart: 
    • Y-axis labels that have the same unit of measurement can be combined into a single label and scale.
  • Rayven Workspace (tags) - Reports:
    • Report history - view who has received a report and what time it was sent.
    • Option to include only the last payload for each device in the attachment file.

Version update 13.04.2021

  • Rayven Workspace (tags): 
    • Date and time format updated to DD-MMM-YYYY HH:MM:SS.
  • Dashboards (tags): 
    • Date and time format updated to DD-MMM-YYYY HH:MM:SS (for Tables, charts, and maps).
    • Custom table columns can now be sorted from A to Z or Z to A. The sorting setting is saved.

Version update 10.03.2021

  • Rayven Workspace - Aggregation node: 
    • Perform hourly aggregations using a single node and send the output to another node. Reduces the number of payloads that need to be processed by the nodes that follow.

Version update 30.12.2020

  • Dashboards (tags): 
    • Single Email/Password combination per account. The same user can switch between user groups through the dashboard (for users in the same project or different projects under the same account), without the need to log out and log in with a different email/password combination.
  • Dashboards (tags) - Tabular Data: 
    • Reference field type added. Reference field enables calculations to run on other fields in the same table, with values changed based on the set dashboard’s date range.
  • Dashboards (tags) - Device Management:
    • Admin users can now add/edit/delete devices in a project through the LIVE interface.
  • Dashboards (tags) - Raw Data Table: 
    • Multi-choice option added on device/tag-value level.
  • Dashboards: 
    • Data export is now printing device/group/tag-value name in Charts and Map. Tags - Line, Bar, Multi Axes Chart, and Map. Non-tags - Bar Chart and Map.