Admin Overview

      Admin Overview

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        Admin Overview

        To create Workspace Users, you will need to log in to Rayven Workspace. Head to and enter your email and password. If you don't have access to Workspace, get in touch with your preferred Rayven contact. 

        Admin Features

        Rayven provides several interfaces for Workspace users to manage account functionality. You can find these in the menu in the top right corner of Rayven Workspace. This menu also links to Rayven Support, where you can ask any technical questions about the platform. 

        Workspace Users

        Workspace Users provide access to the back-end system, where you can configure solutions.

        Configuring a solution involves creating Dashboard Users: these are separate log-in credentials for accessing dashboards. Dashboard Users can be set with different permission levels, while Workspace Users have options for both permission levels and roles. To review Dashboard User permissions, refer to Section 3.4: Dashboard Users. The rest of this section will focus on Workspace Users. 

        There are 4 types of Workspace Users: Account Owner, SuperAdmin, Admin, and User. Each has different permissions. A Rayven Account can have a maximum of 1 Account Owner but multiple SuperAdmins, Admins, and Users. If you are comfortable creating Rayven solutions and want to be assigned Account Owner, please speak to your preferred Rayven contact. By default, all other Workspace Users are SuperAdmins. The Account Owner or SuperAdmin can create new Workspace Users for specific solutions, assigning them Admin or User permissions. 

        Service Usage

        Under Service Usage, you can view insights such as posts received, data usage, and the number of notifications sent. You can use the date range selector in the top right corner to drill down on data for a specific period. View aggregate data for all account solutions or drill down on one in detail. 

        The Account Owner and SuperAdmins can view usage statistics at the account and individual solution levels. Admins and Users can only view solution-level statistics for the solutions they can access.


        White Labeling

        For details on how to customize business logos on the log-in page and dashboard, refer to Visual Customization. The Account Owner and SuperAdmins can view white labeling options for the entire account and for individual solutions. Admins and Users can view white labeling options for the solutions they can access.