Security Architecture

      Security Architecture

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        Enterprise security architecture

        Relying on just one security mechanism is unthinkable in an Enterprise system. Instead, security should account for the mindset of an attacker with layered defenses ensuring data and device protection even in the event of a breach. 

        These multiple defensive measures, known as the in-depth defense principle, ensure that if one layer falls to an attacker, other mechanisms remain in place to mitigate any potential damage. Protecting each part of your IoT architecture - devices, users, gateways and connections, and the cloud - with layered defenses provides the best cybersecurity for your network. 

        The Rayven Platform has an 8-layer security architecture to maximize your protection.

        Rayven's 8 layers of security architecture:  

        1. Cloud Vendor,
        2. Rayven Secure Cloud Infrastructure,
        3. Identity & Access,
        4. Data Protection,
        5. OT & IT,
        6. Communication,
        7. Edge,
        8. Device & Systems.

        Our approach emphasizes reliable identification, authentication, access methods, privilege management, and encryption of all data, whether stored (in the device, in a gateway, or cloud platform) or in motion.